I’m a 19 year old Alexis that lives somewhere in Australia but, to everyone’s dismay, I live with my head in the clouds. Currently in my second year of IT though I personally don’t think my first year even counts because I slacked off so badly back then due to things I was dealing with so this is basically my first year.

I love exploring new places (how clichè, I know), looking at memes, swimming, dolphin/whale watching, playing The Sims, magic tricks, board games and parkour. I’m also really awkward to the point where people wonder about me. It’s like a mix between the laughable kind of awkward and the seriously worrying kind. When I’m home alone, I like to dress all fancy and literally just spend the day in those clothes because it makes me feel that extra bit sophisticated and I honestly wish I had someone to do that with. I really love fashion and designing/making clothes so I’d love to be able to get into the fashion industry one day.

Welcome to my awkward but pretty alright life. 🙂