Exactly a year and two days ago, I made a list of new year resolutions that I wanted to do or at least try to get done. They weren’t really things like go skydiving or whatever but more like getting me back on my feet and out again.

GET A JOB: I’ve left this one til super late but once Word finishes downloading itself onto my laptop, I’ll type up a resume and apply to a few places. The only reason I’ve left it until this late is because I’m still super anxious about putting myself out there but it’s not as like… bad as it used to be so fingers crossed that I get something because I’ve honestly wanted a job ever since my last one! I’m just not that confident when it comes to putting myself out there but here’s hoping now!

LEARN TO FIGHT/DEFEND YOURSELF: Okay, if you don’t move too fast -akin to a turtle-, I can hit you with a knife from anywhere up to 20 feet away! That’s basically like… four (really short) people! 😄 After that though it becomes a whole lot less accurate and I don’t exactly carry a knife around with me but I really do want to take up something like Krav Maga too.

EXPLORE SOME NEW PLACES: Check! I’ve been to heaps of new places this year (god bless having a car) but there are some local places that I don’t want to go to alone but I know that no one wants to go exploring there either because it’s not their idea of fun. GAH! On the plus side though, I went to Bali and East Timor in the middle of this year and that was pretty amazing!

REGAIN YOUR CONFIDENCE: Well… I leave the house now and don’t run away from people (for the most part…) so there’s that!

START SOCIALISING MORE AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS: Socialising more; done. Make new friends; that… that didn’t really happen. I don’t know how people do it so easily! I have made more friends but they’re like… they’re more so acquaintances. Like, we really only hang out when other people invite us to group things and then we just kind of hang out in that setting.

FINISH OFF THE MINI PROJECTS YOU STARTED 😉: I actually have no idea what I’m even talking about here but the wink emoji that I put with it makes me slightly uncomfortable…

UPDATE YOUR WARDROBE: It’s so fabulous, I can’t even. I mainly did this to help with my confidence too and it did! But I know that you also shouldn’t really rely on how you look for your confidence so…


START DOING PARKOUR: I think the most I’ve done is just around the house tbh because every time I’m out and think of doing it, I get the feeling that someone’s watching me and I just don’t want them to see me stack it or cross someone yelling at me to get off of the building or whatever.

GET YOURSELF READY TO MOVE OUT: Well in a way I have though I wouldn’t say that I’m anywhere near ready. I still want to move out but I’m just not sure if I’ll be ready for it next year or not and don’t want to rush into it.

BECOME MINIMALISTIC (BUT DON’T GO OVERBOARD): Oh my god, I bought a suitcase for this very reason. I wanted to be able to fit all my clothes into a suitcase for when I move out/around (which I guess flows back into the goal above) and so I wouldn’t go overboard with shopping. I also got rid of most items that I don’t use anymore but that’s really about it.

Yeah, that was just like an update thing to the list I made last year aaaaannndd Word’s still downloading… Maybe I’ll just do my resume tomorrow since it’s almost 10 at night but I just want to put it here because I feel like if I say it in public, I’ll feel more obligated to actually do it instead just being like, “Eh, I’ll do it later” for the 49th time!


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