I was actually going to post about something closer to my heart today and this literally happened while I was typing it up so it’s obviously more important that I get this out there.

Earlier today, I was walking past the Photos with Santa setup in the shopping centre where a kid was getting his photo taken with Santa and I said, “Aww! I want a picture with Santa!” because let’s face it; it’s Santa. You’d be crazy not to. Well this is where my dream came true!

Long story short: I shit you not, Santa sat next to me while he was waiting to go on his break and I have a picture to prove it!

Short story long: My mum, sister and I were shopping for one of mum’s projects today (well she was shopping; I was just there to drive her to and from places/spend the day with her and my sister was just there to spend the day with us). A trolley full later, my sister and I decided to sit down at a bench while mum was looking in one of the stores but after a short while; my sister left to go to the bathroom and that’s when I pulled my phone out to start blogging about the other thing that I was going to talk about today (because staring at a wall can only entertain you for so long).

Then, as I’m staring at my phone (damn kids these days), I see this massive red blob in the corner of my eye so I look up and mall Santa’s literally walking my way! HE IS WALKING MY WAY. Well, kind of not exactly. He sort of walked straight past me at first to get to his lunch break but the doors that he needed to go through were locked so he had to wait for security to come and open the doors for him. This lead to him finding the nearest seat to wait it out and what do you know! That just so happened to be next to meeeee! So he sat down on the other side of the bench and I literally stared at him for 10 seconds in disbelief; half excited that I was so close to him and half terrified of him because Santa’s obviously on a whole other level to normal people. He’s like a mother trucking GOD.

He said Merry Christmas to a few kids walking by and had a 3 second chat with an old lady before there was a gap of silence with him doing absolutely nothing. That’s when I finally worked up the courage to ask for a picture with him. I seriously actually had to work up the courage to do it because that man intimidates me for reasons that I don’t even know. I think I was also just waiting for the right time to ask him without interrupting his interactions with kids. But he obviously said, “Of course you can!” and I slid next to him faster than a kid on a water slide to take our sacred picture together. I said thank you and slid back to my side of the bench, you know, because I’m such a smooth talker and all that and about 5 seconds later, security finally arrived to let him through the doors so it was short lived but fan-freaking-tastic.

And this is the reason why I was so giddy all day:


I got a picture with Santa! It’s SAAAANNNTTTAAA (well almost)! ❤


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