I forgot how much I used to love exploring new places on foot.

In my last year of high school, I skipped school a lot and just wandered around for the most part, going wherever the path took me. Sometimes I’d just walk until I found a park or the beach, sometimes I’d catch the bus to one of the main parts of town; whatever I wanted. I just wandered.

Anyway, I went to the beach today but instead of going to my usual spot to soak up some sun, I went in the opposite direction on what ended up being a loooong ass walk. I ended up detouring off of the beach, going through a tunnel, onto a boardwalk I’d never known about before and (at some point) climbed up a cliff to get a higher view of the beach.

I know it doesn’t sound that interesting when I put it like that but it reminded me of how much I love exploring new places (I just don’t do it often anymore because no one I know really wants to go exploring the way I do and I feel super weird going to more popular places alone). I don’t know how to fully explain it. Whenever I go exploring, I get all excited about what’s up ahead or finding new places/other routes. It’s like that kiddy kind of excitement where you want to run ahead of everyone else because you just can’t wait. I’m just so in awe of everything and caught up in the moment that I can’t hide my excitement.

I just feel like I can lose myself for a few hours and enjoy the moment. For me, it’s like being a kid again and going on an adventure around the playground except this time the whole world’s your playground. ❤


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