Mum and I were talking in the car before when out of nowhere she asked whether or not I had a boyfriend. I told her the truth, that I don’t, but also asked her why she thought that. Apparently, it’s because I’ve been going out a lot more than usual and sometimes at different hours of the day (like early in the morning/later at night).

Oh my god, I laughed to myself so hard when she told me this (and then cried a little on the inside ๐Ÿ˜…) because it’s so far from the truth.

I don’t have a boyfriend that I’ve been going out to see nor has my social life gotten any busier. The truth is; I get really bored sitting at home all day and like my personal space/time alone (which is sometimes hard to get at home) so I either go out to places alone or, for the most part, just go for really long drives to absolutely nowhere because I’mย that bored. I just want to get away from everyone for a while. Plus, I love driving early in the morning/late at night because there’s almost no traffic so it’s like you have the roads to yourself. Either that or I’m actually just out with friends.

To be fair though, instead of telling her I’m just going out for a drive, I tell her that I’m going out to see a friend/friends because I don’t want everyone to know that I’m actually just out wasting petrol with my boredom.

But the woman wouldn’t believe me when I told her that there was no guy in my life and now she thinks that I’m hiding my “boyfriend” from the family! So I’ve started playing along with it now just for the laughs.

I mean, a guy would be great right about now instead of just using up car fuel but such is life. Don’t worry mum, your dream come true for me will happen one day… just not today. ๐Ÿ˜


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