This whole time I thought it was me!

I have my sister’s old car and for almost a year, I’ve noticed these massive scratches and a cracked headlight cover on the front left of my car but I had no idea how they even happened. I don’t remember hitting anything but I also used to blast my music really loudly while I was driving so I thought it was either:

A) I did hit/scratch against something while I was driving but didn’t hear it because my music was too loud (and didn’t feel it for some reason)


B) Someone else hit/did something to my car when I wasn’t there but did a runner instead of owning up to it.

Part of me (okay, all of me) was hoping that it was B just so I could tell myself that I’m not a completely shitty driver but the other part of me “knew” that it must’ve been me. Well you know freaking what?! IT WASN’T ME. After almost a year of thinking it was my fault even though I had no idea how or when it happened, my older sister looks at the scratched and cracked part of the car today and says, “Jeez, what happened here?”

I reply with, “I don’t even know! I just saw it there one day!”

To which she replies with, “Haha, oh wait I did that when I had this car. Woops.”

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW. She’s seen that part of the car so many times, asked me what happened so many times and only just remembers NOW? I just… I… woooooooww. I think what happened was that the scratches used to be a lot smaller when I got the car but, because I still haven’t gotten them fixed/patched up yet, mother nature’s slowly stripped the paint around the scratches away; making it look worse and way more noticeable than when it was handed down to me.

But I’d just like to reiterate; it wasn’t me that put those scratches there in the first place.



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