This is something that I’m extremely hypocritical about.

I 100% hate people that are overly late to our plans just because they weren’t organised or because they felt like straightening their hair last minute and didn’t bother telling me even though I had to wait an extra 40 minutes (I’m still bitter about that, M)!

Five minutes late? That’s fine, no big deal. Once you stretch past the 10-15 minute mark without a reasonable excuse; I do the subtly b*tchy thing of making excuses to not hang out with you the next few times you try to make plans with me until my grudge is over because I’m not a mature person. If you know you’re going to be late, just text or call me! That way I can occupy myself with something instead of just sitting there and waiting for you (in the motherfreaking summer heat, M)!

But I’d be lying if I said that I was never late because I am… All the damn time. Even when I leave the house on time, something always comes up to make me late. Whether it’s a family member, traffic, car troubles, etc; there’s always something.

So these are my unwritten guidelines to being appropriately late:

Hanging out with one person – Be on time but, if you must, no later than the 5 minute mark. After that, you should’ve texted with a damn good excuse unless you were already driving because I also don’t want you to get into an accident.

Hanging out with two or more people – It’s not as bad because they still have someone else with them but they can’t be blamed if they want to start the day without you because you took too long out of disorganisation.

Party or event with a lot of people – Do they even notice you’re not there?

Parties and events are usually the only things that I’m purposefully late to (if I’m arriving alone) because I’m honestly just not good at being a social person so it’s just easier for me to arrive later since it means that I have to socialise for less and sit/stand there nervously for less. It also means that I can go straight to my friends/family that have already arrived instead of waiting for them to get there; cue the awkward human that becomes friends with a plant until a familiar face arrives because she doesn’t know how to socialise. It’s just a better experience for everyone in general when I do this. If I am late to an event, I let the host know beforehand and they’re always fine with it since there are over 50+ other people there so it never ends up being that big of a deal, if at all.

There’s fashionably late. There’s accidentally late. Then there’s the get-your-priorities-straight kind of late.


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