Alright, so one of the things I’ve wanted to do on my ever growing bucket list is to go jet skiing and today, I DID JUST THAT!


My older sister and her boyfriend came up to visit us and he has a jet ski (and I license to use it) so he brought it up with them and, after breakfast, we took it out for a ride. He loaded it into the river and sat up front (to steer and all), my sister sat in the middle and I ended up sitting on the end.

We went out of the river mouth, along the beach (but further out to avoid the crashing waves) and then just around the ocean but always with at least one beach in sight. I will admit that I did scream every now and again (especially at the beginning), had to keep readjusting from constant wedgies and -at one point- I almost (literally) flew off the back when we were airborne but the adrenaline rush was 100 times worth it!

And you know those idiots that just seem to wave at everyone they pass by with the goofiest grin on their face? Yeah, hi! That was me when we were on the jet ski but who cares when you’re enjoying the moment! Did I mention I rode a jet ski?

Nearing the end, when we entered the mouth of the river, they taught me how to steer, gave me a go at driving the jet ski for the rest of the way and we ended up taking a little detour so I could have more of a go. I. F*CKING. SLAYED. Almost… Needless to say, I added “Get a PWC (jet ski) license” to my bucket list because I can’t wait to do it again!

On the downside to the whole thing – When I was sitting at the back, while I was holding into my sister’s life jacket, I was also clutching the jet ski’s back handles with my legs (you know, not wanting to fall off and all) and now those parts of my legs are killing me. It was like I was literally clutching on for my life and I have no idea whether or not there’s going to be massive bruising on those parts or not tomorrow.

Honestly though, I wish I could thank my sister and her boyfriend even more. I’m really not the best at showing how grateful I am to people but that was seriously the most fun I’ve had in ages and I’m still smiling at how great it was. AAHHH. I loved today! XD





This random guy just asked me for my number! I know this doesn’t actually seem like that big of a deal but this is the first time this has ever, ever, EVER happened to me SO IT’S A VERY BIG DEAL TO ME. O_O Like, when it comes to the dating world, I am not at the average 19 year old’s level. I’m more on par with how a middle school kid would handle relationships. :/


So I was walking back to my car after finishing my class at uni when this other car just stops near me and the driver says hi, how are you and asks if we can talk and I was like “Suuuuuuuuurreee…?” So he went to park his car and I will admit that, at that point, I did contemplate on just making a run for it because it was night, there weren’t many other cars, I was alone, stranger danger, I’m not good with guys and I’m just clearly soo smooth when it comes to these types of things. Pfft.


Anyway, we got talking and I handled that SO BADLY. Think of the awkwardest person you know and then times that by 10. That was me. These things just don’t come naturally to me, if at freaking all and it’s even worse when it’s out of no-freaking-where! Also, when I get nervous around people, I tend to lie out of nervousness and that’s exactly what I did. I told him that I was really bad at conversations too (oh my god, an actual truth) but he still insisted and I’ve never been good at turning people down so I was like, “Sure, why not.”


So now… well now I’ve just realised that I probably shouldn’t be giving my number out to people that ask for it because I am obviously not on the same level, dating-wise, as the people that ask strangers for their numbers and am now totally weirded out by this whole situation because this is all brand freaking new to me which = super uncomfortable! I also don’t actually remember his name so his number’s under Random Guy From Uni in my contacts list. And I’d feel bad for asking since he know’s mine (well at least the name that I gave him :S ) so… yeah… Maybe I’ll just stick to being around people first before hanging out one on one instead.


P.S. While we’re on the topic of giving numbers out, I completely forgot my card when I went to fill up on petrol this afternoon (and had no cash on me) but I didn’t realise this until after I’d filled the car up and I was like:


So I had to give the 7Eleven my name, number and address and now I’ve got to go back tomorrow to pay them, lol. But at least I made it to my exam on time and got 13.5/15. 😀