From the two things in the title alone, I think you know where this is going. Those two things never mix well.


Alright, so the other night I left my computer on while I went to take a quick break (massive rookie mistake) and while I was gone, my younger sister took this as an invitation to go through my files. Apparently she was reading my email that I’d left up, accidentally deleted the attached file that was with it and tried to reattach the file before I came back. But, lo and behold, when she’s trying to find that one file again, she ends up seeing a file called Blog Posts 2015. So what does she do? What most nosy people would probably do (let’s be honest, I know I have before in similar situations). She opens it.


Or at least she tried to.


I have no idea if she actually opened it and read any of it because when I came back, it wasn’t opened but it was attached to the email instead of the original file and she was just sitting there staring at me with guilt written all over her face but I low key freaked out because in that file sat the name of this blog. So first thing I did was obviously tell her to GTFO. Then, in the midst of my freak out, I changed the name of my blog to what I have as my username and so far, no one from my country’s visited the blog since that night which means that she probably hasn’t read any of this. HOPEFULLY.


I mean, I probably could’ve just looked to see what date and time the file was last opened to maybe avoid this all but, pfft, what kind of person actually thinks properly when they’re freaking out? This place is literally my diary, AKA – somewhere siblings shouldn’t be. So that’s basically why my blog’s called “Xiva Secrets” now instead of… the other one name that I’d rather not say in case it pops up in Google searches but you know, instead of that one. Now she basically knows that I have a blog but not the name of it or where to find it.


tl;dr Sister looked through my files and I’m not sure whether or not she saw the name of my blog so now I’ve changed the name of it just to be extra cautious.