I’m so freaking mortified and need to let out my dramatic point of view somewhere.

Yesterday, I finished my second week of university (yaaaay, they kept me enrolled!) and it’s been all fine and dandy for the most part but during my last class I completely embarrassed myself though this may be me overthinking again.

So, the class lecturer/tutor was going through this massive page of code and explaining what every part of it meant and we all had the code up on our own computer screens to follow along. It was just like IP addresses, dates, websites, access times, etc (I’m doing a Bachelor of IT). While he’s talking though, there’s this massive change of colour in the corner of my eye so I look up out of habit/instinct and this guy has a porn meme up on his screen for about half a second that he quickly exits out of but I’m just thinking, “Really… you’re doing that now at uni…while there’s about six people that can see your screen from where they’re sitting. C’mon, you can’t wait till home?” But, you know, whatever. It’s not a big deal and I go back to concentrating on my screen.

Then, about two minutes later, I start looking through the whole code and realising that there’s so many websites listed (yeah, I zoned out before) so I check them out, just out of curiosity and I get to this whole list of links to Imgur; that massive photo sharing site. So I’m like, “Oh cool, I wonder what the photos are”, thinking they’d be pictures of cute puppies or ice cream sundaes or something like that but NOOO and that was the moment where I’d make the same mistake the guy from two minutes ago had just made.

I opened the first Imgur link and then closed it as soon as I saw the picture because it turned out to be another porn meme and I just sat there mortified for the next few minutes because I did a mental map in my head off the whole class and realised that there were at least two, maybe three, guys that probably saw what I just had up on my screen and now they probably think I’m some really weird chick for looking at those types of pictures in class because I can’t wait till I get home to do it! Unless they made the same mistake too… I seriously hope they did for my dignity’s sake, oh my god. 😳

I know the guy to my right saw what happened because he gave a little snicker under his breath when he saw how embarrassed I was about it but I have NO idea if the other two (that could see my screen) saw. Maybe this isn’t even a big deal to them though. Maybe they don’t care about this stuff as much as I do and found it funny for about 10 seconds. Maybe they know it was an accident. Or maybe they’re all secretly talking about that one weird chick in class. Ahh, I’m so freaking embarrassed.

It’s one of those things where if someone else does it, it’s whatever but if you do it it’s like, “OH GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE.” Asdfgh, they’re gonna think I’m so strange now! I just want to merge into the wall and disappear into its colours.  x_x