This’ actually been sitting in my drafts for almost a month now because I’d typed out the title but then I had no idea what to actually write in it so it’s just kind of been hanging out there. But thanks Little Blog for starting the tag and nominating me!


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Monday | 1st of February 2016

Dear future me,

I’m having another middle child moment here but I have no one in real life to complain about this to so I’m just going to let it out here and you can laugh about it in a year’s time! 😭 So you know how I’ve been going out almost everyday for over a month now, yeah? Well people in our family keep saying things like, “You know, you don’t really go out much…” in that really condescending way and then I’m all like:


What the hell does “much” mean to them!? Because, the last time I checked, I go out the most in this family but no one actually notices?! What does everyone think I do when they don’t see me or my car at home?! Do they just forget I exist or something!? Do I just drop off the face of the earth for a few hours to a day?!? And I’d usually brush things like this off as a whatever kind of scenario because it’s really not that important but it’s not only one person that’s said it and now it’s getting to me! Does our family just not notice us when we’re gone?! Do they just not take into account that I’m NOT THERE. It’s like I could drop off the face of the Earth and they’d realise… but it’d take them a few days to realise it. These middle child feels. 😖

Anyway, someone’s got a few days left until they turn 20! How’s it feel? What was being 19 like? Hope you had a blast because I’m about to live it for you. 😜 Seems like it was just yesterday when we were running around primary school playing cops and robbers, getting those beyond awkward school crushes and finally graduating from high school after 12 years of an emotional roller coaster. Now we’re almost 20? Time flies. A few more days of being a teen and, before you know it, you’re going to be rocking one of those motor scooters that all the baby boomers get to ride in.

So do you have any plans for your 20th? Or do you still have the whole, “It’s just a day. I can celebrate my birthday any and every other day; that’s what belated birthdays are for” attitude?

Did you end up getting kicked out of uni too or did they give you another chance to try again? Because I just started writing that show cause letter to the dean that explains what happened to make your grades drop and explain how you’ve improved and why they should give you a second chance so, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 😉 You can thank me when you finish reading this. But in the event that they don’t take what I said as a reason to stay and kick you out; I’M SO SORRY. Though being kicked out could also be the best thing to happen to you in the long run, you never know! Well, you’ll obviously know by now…

And just a reminder; I still want to do stuff like go wing suit gliding, snowboarding, dress in a panda mascot costume and walk around town, etc. so if you haven’t done any of those things yet; don’t mature. I don’t want you to forget about them.

A few more things:

Soooooooo… boyfriend, yes? Or are we still avoiding guys? 😆

What job do you have/have had since this letter?

Moved out of home yet or about to? Or changed your mind because of something I don’t know about?

Have you ticked anything off of the bucket list yet?

And how are you holding up?

Whatever happens; enjoy your life, don’t take it too seriously, don’t rush into anything, laugh off the bitter things in life, have fun but be smart about it, smile at strangers and know that you have a family of about 45, 000 (yeah, I’m not going to take the time to count heads) that’ll always be there for you to fall back on if you ever need it.

Love from that overly sensitive 18 year old you once were.

P.S. This reminds me of that letter we wrote to future us when we were eleven! DON’T LOSE THAT LETTER OR I WILL DISOWN YOU. x


Alright, technically it says to nominate as many bloggers as you like, right? So that means I don’t have to nominate anyone, right? And it’s not that I don’t want to; far from that! It’s just that I don’t really know anyone here and I’d feel really awkward about nominating a complete stranger. Not that there’s anything wrong with it AT ALL, it’s actually really great that people do that. I just… I’m like a dead end when it comes to these things even though I love them but if you’re reading this and want to do the #dearfuturemetag then I indirectly nominate you so go ahead and write your letter. 😊