I finally did it! No, I didn’t create world peace or save an elephant from poachers. Not today. Stop putting so much pressure on me, gawd. But I did get two more helix piercings! Something else I’ve been meaning to do (since mid last year, that is so weird calling 2015 “last year”). I already had one in for just over a year and, today, I got two more; one on each side of the first one and I already love the look as opposed to how stupid it looked on me (IMO) with just the one piercing.

The only thing about today is; I feel really bad now because I think the girl that did my piercings might have overheard me briefly complaining about her afterwards. Me and my big mouth don’t know how to wait till we leave the vicinity to start complaining. 😔 Or just not complain at all…

She was a really nice girl and easygoing so I really really hope she didn’t hear me. But it’s just that when she was putting the two piercings in, she tugged on/knocked into one a couple of times (by accident) which made me wince every time but I didn’t want to tell her because I thought, “Just let her do her thing and this’ll be over in about 30 seconds. No need to make a scene.”

So when I said my thanks and walked out of the piercing room, back to my friend in the main part of the store, I quietly (I use the term quietly loosely here) complained to her about how the girl “wasn’t that good” and now I just feel soo mean because what if the girl heard me saying that! I think her co-worker might’ve definitely heard me though because I didn’t notice her co-worker standing at the counter nearby until after I’d said it and when I looked over at her, she was looking at me but quickly looked away so I’m not sure if she overheard or if we just made eye contact because she was looking around (this co-worker wasn’t really one of those smiley ones though, more the just-there-to-get-the-job-done type so that may have been why) but if she did, I sure hope she didn’t tell the girl because I don’t want her to feel bad about how she did! Nor do I want her to hate me for saying that (even though I’ll probably never see her again but I don’t want her to feel bad!).

Man, I wish I could travel back in time and slap myself before I said anything stupid… though I’m not really sure what that’d do except for leave me confused. 😐 Maybe just going back in time to stop myself would be a better idea. But I hate when I do this (I haven’t done it too many times but that still doesn’t excuse it) because I’ve been on the receiving end so many times and it sucks so it’s so hypocritical when I do this and I really need to think more before I speak, not after.

I know that this probably isn’t a big thing to most people and I’m probably blowing it all out of proportion but I don’t like hurting people that’ve done nothing wrong on purpose! I’m really sorry to that girl if she did overhear me though! Why do I do this kind of shit!? Why couldn’t I have just been happy with the two piercings and just smiled and walked off! GGAAAHHH!! I’m such a mean person sometimes! AARRGGHH!!



Happy New Years and all that overload of sadness, happiness and whatever else that comes with it. Hope you’re having a good one! These two days were kind of merged together since my night from day 5 slid it’s way into the next morning of day 6.

So this was my first time clubbing, ever, another thing I’ve been avoiding. Two friends ,let’s call them “S” and “M”, and I started off our New Years Eve by going to the club to get our tickets and stamps early to get into the club later on. When we got that sorted, we went to dinner at S’s work place; a buffet place. That was a slightly bad idea though since it was hella expensive and we didn’t end up eating everything we paid for even though buffets are like real life heaven but oh well.

Afterwards, we walked to the bus stop so we could catch the bus back to the club because parking was hectic there, especially since it was NYE. On the way though, we had a brief encounter (best pick up line you’ll never successfully use) that went;

Guy: Hey girls, have you ever been to India?

Us: Erm… no?

Guy: Well why don’t you get Ind-here. *Gestures to nether region*

Us: *Eye rolls*

So there you go guys (and girls). If you ever want to not pick up girls, there’s some solid words for you right there. 👌 Read it, repeat it and memorize it.

We eventually got to the club but were a little early so we sat around for a bit and played pool with a guy (who just wanted to hit on S) until it started getting busier. I don’t really remember what order everything was in but we:

  • Found a friend from high school
  • Won three dollars from a pokies by pressing random buttons but lost one when M wanted to keep playing
  • Had a few conversations here and there but I was pretty terrible at holding them and it was like 90-100% the other person starting them/keeping it going
  • Danced with each other on the dance floor
  • Pulled each other away from people on the dance floor (though I forgot to do that at one point and kind of left M hanging, oops) 😝
  • Had a set of shots (Soo gross) and a few more drinks
  • Showed someone how to hand out toilet paper in the ladies room (It’s a tough skill)

…and so on. We did the countdown into 2016 when midnight came and when it hit the big zero, S and I got up onto the bar bench we were sitting at and danced for a few seconds until a security guy got us to hop off but it was totally worth it. 😃 I never thought I’d do that either because of how anxious I get in certain situations but maybe it was the drinks or the vibe of the place.

Then S’s boyfriend joined us and I felt like the BIGGEST third wheel ever because there were moments where S would pair off with her boyfriend, M would pair off with some other guy she’d found and clung onto for the rest of the night and I was just like… “He’s just invisible guys”. I was like the ultimate third wheel and it was awkward as hell when they all got lovey dovey with each other.

The night ended at around 2-3 in the am. M’s sister came and picked us up and I ended up just crashing at her place until the next morning.

What did I learn from all this? I’m still pretty freaking dreadful at conversations and hate Cronos and Summers and pretty much anything to do with the taste of most alchomahol so far but love Vodka when it has a fruit flavour in it’s name. 😋 Though I’d still prefer hot chocolate any day. Xisha’s a hardcore party animaaaaallll now. Said no one ever.

This was another thing that I’ve wanted to try for ages now and definitely had its moments. Clubbing’s not so much something I was looking forward to but more something that I wanted to try before judging it like it was Satan’s work. Actually turned out pretty cool. 😊 It wasn’t the greatest but it wasn’t the worst. Anyway, have an awesome 2016 guys!