Like 3 days too late of a post but; pssshhh. Who’s counting anyway? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I woke up super early, went to the beach and then headed off to the city. I know I go there a lot but it’s just so much more interesting than where I live because there’s so many places I haven’t visited yet. I just want to go exploring new places TBH. So I was driving around looking for The City Hall and I found it almost straight away! But theeeennn I lost it when I was trying to find a place to park (god damn city parking). 😒 Then it took me like half an hour to find a parking spot because I was trying to look for this certain one but couldn’t find it and ended up parking in some random complex.

THEN, when I walked out of the complex; I thought that since the casino was on one end, City Hall must be on the other (haha, don’t ask) so I turned right and headed down the street whiiicchh just ended up taking me in the complete opposite direction of City Hall. But I didn’t know at the time so I ended up doing like a lap of about 3 blocks and walking into a bookshop until I came up to the car park I was initially going to park in but thought “nah, the place I parked at won’t cost that much and I really can’t be bothered re-parking right now”. So I eventually found The City Hall a little further up and started wandering through all the rooms it had. Not gonna lie, it was pretty boring.

But I’d heard there was a museum somewhere in there so I went looking for it and jumped into an elevator with another girl (because apparently it was on the 3rd floor and you had to take the elevator up). Anyway, you know that few seconds of silence that just sits in the elevator’s atmosphere when you’re in there with other random people? Well that happened but it actually lingered on until we realised that the elevator wasn’t even moving so we were like WTF. Turns out that it went to every other floor except for the third, even though it had a 3rd floor button (lucky us, right?), so we went looking for another elevator to take us up which took forever (okay a few minutes but in that heat it felt like forever) and, literally just as she’d found it, I turned off into another direction so it took me a few more minutes to find again. I actually completely walked straight past the proper elevators at one point and only found them on the way back.

*face palm*

There was history, some art work and this really cool light art room where they completely blacken the room and an upside down picture appears that your eyes are supposed to adjust to or something. And this took 4 or 6 minutes (can’t remember). But that wasn’t what I was entertained by, no. I actually didn’t really understand it. What I was entertained by was the fact that it was one of those rooms where, if you were wearing white, you would freaking glow! OMG. The next time I go there, I’m so wearing all white and becoming a human lighthouse. 😄

After City Hall, I went walking around the street mall that was literally right across the road and looked through all the shops which led me to bumping into a street magician/comedian right when he was starting. To this moment, I still have no clue as to how he managed to get a freaking melon into his hat without anyone noticing. I mean, I understand how he did everything else but where the fluck did that melon come from?! 😱 There was literally no where he could’ve hidden it! His satchel was too small, there was no hiding place under the table, it wouldn’t have been in his hat the whole time because it was too big and you don’t just pull a massive melon out of your sleeve without anyone noticing. HOW!! SOMEONE TELL ME HOW! 😠

When the show was over, I went back to my car buuuutttt then I realised that I’d lost it. Yeah, it wasn’t my best moment. 😐 So I went on like my fifth hunt today (I got a little lost more than once on the way to the city). My plan was to find the bookstore I saw when I first arrived except I never…. found it. Instead, I walked in about 4 circles and kept passing familiar places until I found the casino that I’d walked in the opposite direction from when I first left the parking complex so I walked down the road and there it was. There it was indeed… And the $66 charge for parking there. For 3 – 4 hours. I knew I should’ve re-parked… I mean, I knew it’d be a little more expensive to park where I did but I was thinking in the $20 – $30 range not freaking $60’s. At least my family will never hear about this. 😳

I visited two more places after that but, while I was parked in one of their car parks, my car wouldn’t start up and I was like, “GOD NOOOO, NOT NOW!!” because then I would’ve had to call my sister to come help me and I’m just trying to be more independent right now and she would’ve never let me live that down. Anyway, it finally started up after a few more tries and waiting, thank goodness. I don’t know what happened but I read something about a start up engine? I don’t know. Don’t really speak car but I’ll look into it later.

Lesson’s learnt:

  • Plan where you park
  • Remember where you park
  • Google Map your directions before you leave, just like you used to, because you actually suck so much when it comes to following a GPS

And my 30 days are officially… OVER (well 3 days ago but details schmetails)! 😏

I know this whole thing probably seems really small and stupid to most people because, if I was reading this whole 30 day thing 3 years ago, I honestly would’ve thought it was stupid too. Like, how can you be afraid of just talking to people or stepping out of the house? It’s so easy! Right? But people react to certain things differently. It’s like a learnt thing (or at least was/is for me) and a defense mechanism but I’ve definitely improved with my confidence/self esteem from when I first started from needing someone by my side or power-walking through a shopping center to get what I need to going to a whole new city on my own and having conversations with random strangers. And I know it’s like, “Look at these kids with their first world problems” but… first world problem’s still a problem?

Still a long way to go but at least now I’m fine enough to not spend the whole of 2016 hiding in my parent’s house and shutting myself off from a good life (HOPEFULLY). My next steps now are probably to get a job and beg the dean to let me stay in uni. We’ll see how they go. 😜 x


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