I could’ve written my life story and it would’ve been shorter than this… 😂😐

I know this is like a whole clump of days but I got really confused and mixed them up when I thought I was missing a day because numbers weren’t adding up and then I had to look back through everything aaand blah blah blah. But now that it’s sorted;

DAY 19

My younger sister and her friend wanted to go to this massive trampoline jumping place in the city so we (mum and I) drove them there, dropped them off and then went out to eat at some cute little restaurant and shop for a bit, though the only thing I bought was a notebook to start budgeting and just put random things in throughout the year (I like reflecting back on what past me did/thought/rambled about).

When we finally picked them up, we all went to a shopping center and just wandered around until dinner came around where we then met up with my older sister (she lives in the city but was working that day) and had dinner together before leaving for home.

Yeah, today wasn’t really that interesting for me either… It was more about doing what everyone else wanted to do and where they wanted to go just to let them enjoy themselves.

On the way back home though, it was late at night and we were on the highway so I couldn’t see as far ahead as usual since there weren’t any other cars and I was at a part where there were no street lights. Anyway, you don’t usually expect there to be something lying in the middle of the highway, let alone something massive. But there was. There was half a freaking kayak laying in the middle of the freaking road and, because I could only see as far as my headlights, I only saw the outline of it and thought it was just one of those massive palm tree/banana leaves or something like that (what an idiot, there weren’t even any of those trees close by) so I was like, “Alright, it’ll just crunch under the wheels but I’ll just go a bit to the side anyway.”

But as I got closer, I realised it wasn’t a massive leaf. It was half a freaking kayak and I swerved to the side but I could only swerve so far because there was a ditch on the side so I ended up going over the edge of the kayak which jolted it up against the car and now I have scratches all along the side. 😭 It sucks…

DAY 20

So, I know that I haven’t really been paying attention to how much I’ve been spending for the whole 30 days thing going on here but I’ve had an inkling that I’ve been spending a little more than I probably should’ve. Oh. My. Gobstopper. I recorded and added up everything that I’ve spent since Day 1 of 30 and, sweet cheese balls, I’ve been spending, on average, about $263 (in Australian Dollars) every week which is like $790 in almost 3 weeks which I’m pretty sure is already more than what I spent as a whole last year (yeah… last year, I felt really guilty about spending my money since I wasn’t working and because something else so I just didn’t).

I need to start spending less. And get a job.

Anyway, onto the day; I went out with a friend to a shopping center and just walked around looking at everything (BECAUSE I NEED TO MONEY DIET. NOT REALLY SURE WHY I CAPS LOCKED THIS BUT I THINK IT MIGHT BE KIND OF IMPORTANT)… which got boring pretty quickly. So we went back to her place, got her dog, changed into some swimmers and went to a dog beach nearby and then to this mini market afterwards where she bought some fudge and I… didn’t… I just tasted the free samples because I need to save…  😰

DAY 21

I mainly just spent the day with my head; designing the cover, writing random things in the notebook, including some clues, and watching Bob’s Burgers on Netflix.

See, I’m like… I’m a bit weird with some of the things that I like. Well, okay, not weird because that’s just mean. It’s more like; different from the majority/not the social norm. I really love treasure hunts and it’s “fine” for a kid but not considered that great for anyone that’s not a kid. It’s seen as childish basically and maybe I am childish but I love trying to figure out the clues you get given to figure it all out. I don’t know, I’m just a really curious person and the whole world’s just a massive playground that costs a bit more than just monopoly money.

GAH, stop rambling. So I left a few clues to a few things that no one in real life knows about, like; this blog, that fake name that I go by a lot (that’d probably lead them to other places and some other things. Though my family’s not really the type to put time into figuring these types of things out so we’ll see. I just like leaving little clues behind, you know? It just makes life that little bit more fun. 😄

After spending a whole day with pens to the notebook, mum and I went to pick dad up from the airport before we all ate out an Indian restaurant nearby. We had things like Mango chicken, Naan bread, some other type of chicken and… and that’s actually all I remember. 😐

DAY 22

I still have no idea why but my car’s engine oil needed changing (but it probably had something to do with the smoke coming from the engine and the sticker on the window saying to change the engine oil on the 16th of January 2016 💡) so dad did that for me while I tried to hide the scratches from that darn half a kayak and now my car looks so new! 😍 Apart from all those really deep scratches that I’m 99% sure were from when my sister drove it and not me. 99% sure.

Okay, I know I went somewhere after this because I remember going somewhere but I can’t actually remember where… hmm…

DAY 23

Dad’s like the biggest jet setter right now. We went to drop him off at the airport again because he was just with us for the holidays and then things started getting heated between mum and my younger sister. They were both SO moody and wanted to go to different places so I tried to compromise on both (holy cow, they were both as stubborn as mules today though I still love them) and we ended up going to one place first and then the other.

But wow, I wanted to go all Tumblr on them with the whole, “Guys, you have the rest of your lives to act like this towards each other and, even then, what’s the point? Enjoy the time you guys have together, you can go places any other day.” and so on but that would’ve just made the intended audience a whole lot angrier so I just thought to not.

DAY 24

I CAN’T BUDGET!! I went out for one thing today and one thing only but ended up getting like six things instead. But, in my defense (even though it’s not really that defensive…) they were all for other people. It’s just that… like… well there was a closing down sale. FOR JEWELLERY. 60% off MINIMUM. How could you pass up on that? So I bought presents for everyone (except I have no idea what dad would’ve wanted).

So I spent about $120 on getting jewellery for my family as presents. A (don’t know what type of) gold bracelet for my older sister, a gold (only 9 carrat though) necklace with small diamonds and a pearl for mum and a Pandora charm (black and silver) + a silver bracelet for my younger sister. Though I still don’t know which bracelet should go to who. I’m still deciding for now so it’s not final.

Then two more (waaay cheaper) things for my younger sister’s birthday (even though it isn’t until June). See! I suck at saving on money! I need someone to actually hold it for me so I don’t have access to it. But, then again, what’s the point of having money if you don’t spend it… No! I’m saving up until I’m able to get a job so I can move out. Yeah. There’s my reason. Ugh, but I just love shopping and buying pretty things. 😭




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