DAY 16

We didn’t really do much today. Just went out for a bit with mum and dad while we bought some things for them.

But do you ever wonder about your ancestors and where they came from/what they did? What kind of people they were? Well I do. All the freaking time. Except my parents were never really interested in giving me details because they were always preoccupied with other things so I never really got much information out of them. But I tried again today and got a lot more than I have in 5 years.

So I wrote it all down and there’s so many different jobs they all had. There’s a plantation owner, a businessman, a carpenter, a salesman, a waitress, the typical housewives, etc. There’s even a tribe chief (though that’s the one our cousin told us about a few years ago)!

But what I really want to see too are any pictures of them. I just want to see what they all looked like and the resemblances. Maybe I’ll ask the next time we go to visit some relatives. Ahh, I just find it all so interesting! 😆

DAY 17


We went out for coffee, bought her some new clothes, pretty much following her around for the day and then went out for dinner at a local restaurant.

I feel like I should probably write more because it’s mum’s special day but like… I just don’t know what to write. There wasn’t that much that happened today to be honest so… happy birthday again, mum! Love you. 💕

DAY 18

I woke up early and went to the same boardwalk from day 1 again (except further down this time), went out to get some last minute things for dad and then dropped him off at the airport but oh my sweet beans… On the way back, I did the stupidest thing and ran a red light and I’ve been feeling so bad about it ever since! I don’t mean like I’m-such-a-rebel bad, I mean like I-COULD’VE-HURT-SOMEONE bad. I’ve just been so tired lately and haven’t been getting enough sleep and I guess it’s finally caught up.

What happened was when I saw the traffic lights, they were green so I sped up a little so I could get through. But then the amber light came on and I wrongly estimated how long it’d stay amber for and when I realised I wouldn’t make it, I also realised that if I break now, I’d stop in the middle off the intersection because I was too close to the stop line to stop in time and ended up speeding up so I could get through as fast as I could to avoid other cars.

I’m not sure if the other cars had stopped because they saw my headlights coming up really fast (there’s a wall blocking the view so it’s hard to see if there are oncoming cars or not but you can see their headlights at night) or if they just hadn’t started driving yet (because I went through about a second after the lights changed to red) but, thankfully, no one was hurt because none of the other cars were moving.

But I can’t believe I did that! I need to go to bed earlier.


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