No, this isn’t a Chanel ad; I just love Megan Hess’ art… And Chanel. Please buy me some Chanel.

DAY 13:

I left for the waterfalls/hike a bit early just so I could get in before all the tourists and families swarmed in since it’s still holiday season here. Well, when I got there, there were only two cars (an old couple’s and some guy’s). It only took about 5-10 minutes to walk to the waterfalls but as I got to it, I noticed clothes and towels on the rocks but no one else was around so I thought, “Oh my jebus, someone’s bumping uglies in the water!” 😄 but couldn’t see anyone and knew it wasn’t the couple or the other guy because I’d passed them both before.

But I kept on going and hiked through the bush track for about an hour. My goal was just to get to the end of the track because apparently there was a lookout point at the end of it but after about 7.5 km of walking, I was like fudge it. There were so many spiderwebs you had to walk through (I’m pretty sure one got in my eye 😒), the weather was starting to get hotter and I still had about 3 km to go. Just wasn’t worth it so I headed back and cooled off at the waterfall for a bit (where the clothes were still there…) which was actually a really nice view. Not the waterfall, that just looked like dirt water, but the view from the mountain edge.

So, all in all, I got about 14-15 km worth of exercise done which was a pretty awesome effort for someone that would’ve probably taken a month to walk that far… 🙌🏽 No offense to self.

DAY 14:


Nevertheless, this beautiful experience did teach me one thing; how to waddle with class. Yes. I adapted to waddling around because my legs apparently didn’t like the hike I went on yesterday and felt the need to retaliate. But you know what they say; no pain no game!

Since I couldn’t really walk far without wincing, I just kind of decided to practice (if you can call it that) some defense moves instead of going places though it’s kind of hard to learn how to do it properly when you’re just kicking, punching and dodging the freaking air. 😐 Honestly, I need a fight buddy… a sparring partner or whatever they call it.

Later on though, the book I saw in the art gallery the other day; Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of Fashion came back to mind (because I really really wanted it!) so I did a whole bunch of Googling on it and found all this other art that the author does and I really love her style so I decided to try and mimic some of her work (just the simple ones to start off with) like;

These are the kinds of things that make me fall into a state of absolute awe! I used to love sketching these types of pictures back in high school but eventually stopped because I took the more science-y and tech path of school when people started telling me that I needed to start thinking about what I was going to do after high school. So yay for the lost and found hobby I guess? 😜 Plus, people in the artsy/fashion classes really intimidated me back then even though they were some of the nicest people ever…

DAY 15

I finally got a haircut. Like a proper one. I haven’t had a proper haircut in over a year because I didn’t want to spend my money (I used to feel really guilty about spending it) on something that I could “easily” do myself. And it was partly to do with the whole not wanting to leave the house thing too. I use the word easily really loosely because; sure, just get a pair of scissors, wet your hair and trim a bit off; it’s that easy, yeah? Um, no. But that’s what I did and, while everyone probably thought it was really bad, it didn’t stop me from doing it again until I finally stopped settling for “it’s okay” and realised how much I hated my fringe…

So I went out to get a haircut; V down the back, layers and a long-ish side fringe and it was great and all. Except I asked her to cut “this” much off for the length and she cut “thiiiiiiiiiisss” much off and now I have like… nana hair. Not that there’s anything wrong with that style; it just doesn’t suit me. But I didn’t want to say anything about it because she obviously tried and I didn’t want her to feel bad so I just told her that it was perfect and all that happy shit. Anyway, it’ll grow. And if I just keep facing everyone with my head turned slightly to the left for the next month or so, I should be good. 😗 But OMG, it has so much volume now, I love it (the volume)! It used to be so flat but now it’s like, “just having a party on your head”.

While I was walking around the shops, I bumped into S (one of the girls I spent New Years with) who was with her boyfriend that she was supposedly taking a break from and I was thinking “so are they together or…?” but that’s not for me to pry into. After the haircut, I went to the beach (I would literally live out my days there and become a mermaid if I could) for a small walk and to get rid of this tan line I found that goes straight down the back of both legs that I didn’t notice before.

I SWEAR, every time I go to the beach, I see the EXACT same guy there and I’m 99% sure it’s him every time. Some guy in his 50’s with really tanned skin and long blonde hair. Just think of a surfer and then add on about 30-40 years, pair of sunnies, take away the surfboard and that’s what he looks like. I started recognising him about two months ago but I think he’s just recently started recognising me because he didn’t start looking back at me until just recently; he’d usually just walk straight past so I’m pretty sure he’s like “waaaiiittt a second…”

Yeah, those were pretty much my days and I feel like I’m missing something in this drivel of words but I can’t put my finger on it… But oh well. Alright, night (or morning). x

P.S. I swear it was only going to be like 200 words for each day; max. 😳 I don’t know how you people just get straight to the point with what you want to say.


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