I know this is a little late but;

I think the petrol station clerk might’ve been laughing at me before I walked in because of how clueless I looked… 😳 Haha, the petrol stations here (not sure if they have it in other countries) have a part on the fuel dispensers where you can pay by card for when the actual store’s closed so that way you can still fill up on petrol. I went to fill my car up early (like really early) in the morning but I wasn’t sure if the actual store was opened or not since I couldn’t see inside to see if anyone was working or not (they had those one sided viewing screens on the windows) and I was the first person there so I couldn’t wait to see what the other guy (who was filling up his car too) was going to do. 😳 So I tried to pay by card at the actual fuel dispenser but it wasn’t working and I was thinking, “…WTF am I doing wrong?” and just looked around cluelessly.

But I wasn’t thinking… because then I realised something and was like, “You’re such an idiot. If there’s sale stock set up outside then they’re obviously opened… They’re not going to just leave things outside for people to steal while they’re closed you moron.” Massive face palm. So yeah, pretty sure I gave the store clerk a good laugh while he was looking through the one sided screens because, when I walked in, he had this pitying grin on his face but didn’t say anything. Haha, it’s not something I’d get mad about though.

But back to the main story; My parents weren’t doing anything this day so they asked if I could drop them off at Chinatown on the way since it’s in the city as well (and saves on petrol) so of course I said sure.

Well, when we got to Chinatown, I dropped them off (duh) and went on my way to the museum that was only 11 minutes away (according to the GPS). LMAO I can’t even follow a freaking GPS. It took me like half an hour to get to it because I’m just that good at finding my way in new places. But I eventually did and it was $15 to park and the rest of the day was for free (unless you bought food and things from their stores or paid for the extra museum places).

There were dinosaur exhibits, places for history buffs, an animals galore, etc with some interactive stuff. I tried to channel my inner tourist and take a million and one photos (as one does) but my phone’s camera failed on me… for the hundredth time 😭 and I couldn’t get it to start working again. So I was looking around for about two hours and then decided to head over to the art gallery (which is like right next to it).

But the reason I headed over was so stupid. I mean, I did want to go and see all the artwork eventually but I hadn’t finished looking through the museum yet. The reason I headed over to the art gallery when I did was because, when I was going around the museum, I did a second round because I kind of rushed looking at everything the first time round and skipped over a few parts (I was a little overwhelmed with all the new things and so many people) and got all awkward again. During this second round, I kept on noticing this same guy that was looking at the same sections as me and they were noticing me and (being the irrational one) I thought that there might be a chance where they thought I was following/stalking them around the museum when we just happened to be doing the same route. So when I got to the dinosaur section and they were there, we noticed each other again and I just… I bolted. Bolted straight to the art gallery. 😒 See! I’m so socially awkward that even I don’t understand! WHY! I could’ve made a new friend or just gone about the museum, touristing through for all we know but nooooo… 😑

So yeah, I headed off to the art gallery where there were some interesting things, some not so interesting things and some things I couldn’t really comprehend… But there was a bookstore in there where I spent some time looking around and I found this awesome book about Coco Chanel full of art by Megan Hess (first time I’d heard of her) but it cost too much to buy without guilt so I cried on the inside and walked away; something we all do when we look at price tags of something we love. 😄

Yep, eventually I went back to the museum and finished off awing at everything and then went to pick up my parents. Well no, I got lost int eh car park (who the hell gets lost in a freaking car park) and then I got lost again for about half an hour until I found a place to pick up my parents. I’m telling you now, this whole following directions thing is my calling. It’s what I was born to do.

But it was so interesting and you learn all this cool stuff (err… depending on what you think cool is)! Plus, lots of random strangers talk to you, especially if you’re alone, because you have that common ground of whatever you’re looking at. I’d definitely go again. Seriously, ask me anything from dinosaurs to Australia’s history and I’ll hit you right back. Well with a 50/50 chance of being right… It’s a working progress okay. 😛 No, you know what? Ask me how a turtle’s gender’s determined before it hatches and I’ll give you the right answer 100% of the time. There you go.

Day 12. x


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