Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been forcing myself to post instead of letting it be a fun thing to do, something to enjoy and look forward to (which is what I originally started blogging for + to get things off my chest) so I’m just going to post whenever  I feel like it again; something I probably should’ve stuck with in the first place but you learn something new everyday! Or re-learn…?

With all that piece of mumbo jumbo done;

DAY 10

Yesterday I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to sit at home all day in the rainfall that decided to descend upon us so I took a spontaneous trip to the city (not realising how much fuel it used up 😭 RIP fuel spendings) to get some new shoes and a bag since there’s only about a billion more places in the city than there are here. Oh my lord, there were so many sales! My knees were like jelly but I contained myself and only spent a bit of money for what I got… depending on what a bit of money is to you. 😳 Though, to be fair, that was money I earned when I had a part time job back in high school and have been saving ever since so it’s not that bad, right? Right?

I bought things like a pair of cheap running shoes, cheap clothes, cheap black bikini bottoms, a candle for my sister’s birthday because she’s a sucker for them apparently, etc. You get the point; I tried to stay on the cheaper but quality side of things.

But at least now I won’t be shopping for more clothes anytime soon…

DAY 11

I just went to the beach today because the sun was out… and now I’m sunburnt. No matter though because I have coconut oil and coconut oil fixes everything. Your skin, your hair, your bad job, your annoying in-laws; everything. Just pour it over your whole life and you’ll be spreading your wings and flying. Anyway, It’s only like the slightest sunburn, not as bad as last time’s since I was only there for an hour but I don’t even understand it anymore! I used to be able to go out all day when I was younger and not burn a bit. Now when I go out, I burn within like an hour. I don’t know why! My theory’s that it’s because I spent majority of last year hidden from sunlight and that’s just what my skin’s gotten used to or something like that but there’s probably some really scientific thing behind it that I have yet to hear.

But yeah, while I was there (and not there), I was singing along to the radio thinking of all the places someone could go solo at and enjoy without it looking feeling weird about being alone.

So tomorrow, I’m thinking of either running along this waterfall track that’s apparently a really popular route, museum hopping in the city or staying here and teaching myself some Krav Maga (via sensei YouTube). Though it’d probably be one of the first two since my sister’s having a friend over and it’s a little weird when people catch you flailing your arms around everywhere. Plus, I should probably write up a resumè because I have no idea where I saved my other one… So yeah, museum jumping or waterfall track tomorrow? Or maybe both?

That’s literally all I can think of for now but ideas are always welcome! But, you know, where I don’t have to spend a life’s savings worth of money.. x

P.S. I have no idea why that’s the feature image since there’s not meant to be one? This makes me feel like such an old fart right now… not knowing… like when your parents or grandparents ask how to get the “page where you can type” onto the screen. 😄


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