It’s not that I’m a bad driver, even though my family probably thinks that that’s debatable, I’m just not a great one either. 😥 I mean, I haven’t crashed the car, hurt anyone from driving (maybe just scared my parents at most when I was learning but what kid didn’t 😄) and usually follow the rules but when I was driving to our relatives’ place today, I kind of, like… well I may have accidentally ripped one of the front tires while I was driving…

Yeah okay, that was my fault. I was tired, I’d been driving for a while and I was new to the roads we were driving on so I should’ve been more careful. I was driving on this narrow road when a car turned in, going the other way and when we got closer, I felt like we were going to scratch each other’s cars at the very least so I merged a little to my side more. OMG what a horrible idea. The car went slightly onto the curb on the side then landed back in the gutter part with a loud bang. Being the smart one that I am, I honestly thought it was fine and kept on driving buuutt about 2 seconds later, we realised I’d just torn a tire.

On the plus side though, I learnt how to change a tire so there’s that! 😁 Thank god dad was there, haha. But yeah, I need to fix my sleeping schedule so I actually get enough Z’s every night since it’s a major part of me being too tired to go through with things and not focusing enough.

The rest of the day was spent jumping on a trampoline, playing superheroes with my little cousin (you call me Superman according to her 😎), teaching her how to spell, wondering how kids have so much energy inside such small bodies (where does it all come from!?!) proving to my aunt that I’m not as bad a driver as dad likes to say and fawning over the baby cousin. I just love babies! They’re so cute! Can you believe he voluntarily hugged me! He just ran over and hugged me! More than once! I was like;


God, they make me wish I was a kid again. Where your biggest problem was not stepping on a crack to avoid breaking your mother’s back.

But I’ve realised that, while I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone from a week ago, I’ve created this slightly bigger comfort zone that I’m now too afraid of stepping out of…again. Like, I can do more things on my own now but I feel like it’s starting to get to the point where I’m just staying in that comfort zone where I just think but don’t do because it’s like a whole new level of things. It’s like you finally get comfortable with something and then settle for it because you’re too afraid to see what’d happen if you went even further.

But I don’t want to fall back into old habits so we’ll see how I go with that tomorrow. I just wish I had someone in real life to kind of be my partner in crime along the way since it’s a lot more exciting and fun when you have someone to do it with. Right now though, I need to get this whole sleep schedule thing going. Good night (or morning/afternoon/evening if you’re in some other place of the world)! x


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