Today was basically just prepping to go out tomorrow night since going out to clubs hasn’t really been a thing that I do (like ever) so, naturally, I’m going a little overboard to make sure I don’t come off as a complete dork in real life when it comes to clubbing. I just like to be prepared!

Anyway, in this world, there are two kinds of people (minus all the other kinds 😝); people that look good pale… and people that don’t. Not that looks should matter but I fall into the don’t part. Some people can make pale look like the most beautiful thing in the world, it’s like they’re freaking angels, but that’s not me. I’m one of those people that look sick if I’m pale.

So, this morning, I got ready to go out and kill some skin cells at the beach but as I was leaving the house; BAM. A wild flock of dark clouds appear and kill off mother nature’s tanning salon. I swear, one minute it’ll be gushing down rain and the next you’ll have clear skies until you want to go out again. Ahh, nature.

Instead, I decided to go shopping first and try the beach again later if the weather lightened up. So I went and bought a pair of heels and a top for New Years Eve (new clothes!!). I wanted to get two more helix piercings while I was there too, one on each side of the one I have now, but I didn’t have any ID on me at the time unless I wanted to walk all the way back to the car but then I would’ve lost a lot of time doing that (big shopping center/mall) and I wasn’t about to sprint in front of 1000 people. 😄

But by the time I’d finished walking into every clothing store at least twice or thrice, the sun had come back out so I headed to the beach for some much needed Vitamin D except IT WAS HORRIBLE. THE BEACH WAS HORRIBLE. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach. I just don’t love it when the sand’s hitting into you at 100 km/h because of how windy it is. Though, I did get to see my fair share of shirtless guys. Not that it’s important but… yeah… 😳

NO SHAME! *Snaps fingers in Z formation*

So now I have a top, shoes and am slightly tanner. Not sure what else I need to do. No actually I should probably find some pants or a skirt to wear with them… eh probably. 😜 I’m kidding, I’m not that confident yet.

The rest of the day was even lamer, really. I just picked up my sister and went to get an exhaust fan from a hardware store with mum and dad. Their catalogs though! I honestly would’ve left that place with about 50 of their catalogs if I wasn’t so afraid of what people would’ve thought. It was like they had one every 5 steps!

Anyway, there’s day 4. Pretty dull day, I know, but better than me just browsing YouTube all day. Here’s hoping that New Years Eve is more exciting. And Happy 2016 to everyone if I’m not on in time! 😁 x


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