This day actually started off pretty bland. I was… I was attempting to colour coordinate at a home depot store. Yeah… It was frustrating in a really pitiful way. I’ve been wanting new bed sheets and pillow cases since forever but pretty matching colours, you know? Yet I’m SO indecisive!

Originally, I wanted a white, black and red set because that’s what I was going for in my room (about a year or two ago). But then I quickly changed my mind to white and red. Then red and creamy-beige. Then red, white and a creamy-beige. Then white and creamy-beige. And I just kept on walking back and forth between the shelves of rainbows until I finally decided; nope. This isn’t working out. I have too many choices, not enough beds. Just walk away before you end up spending the rest of your life in here! So I basically wasted about half an hour trying to imagine all these colours together in a bed formation and ended up just buying two cans of black spray paint from the place a few shops down. You’ll find out why next year. Maybe. 😜

Anyway, that was literally going to be it for the day since the weather’s still not the best. Exciting! I know! But then someone called to hang out and, while I usually avoid this person just because of reasons that I might confess to later, I thought I should give it a go again. I’m just trying to say yes more to things and it’s not like they ever mean to do things purposely.

So I said sure and we basically just wandered around town for about 3 hours. First, we went to this popular part of town (along the main beach from day #1) but since it’s the holidays, the roads and parking spaces were practically packed like sardines which meant that we ended up parking about 5 minutes away and walking the rest instead. I can tell you one thing right now; fitness is not my forte. We pretty much just looked at clothes that were too expensive, looked for cheap smoothies to quench our thirst from the humidity, caught up and talked about nonsense until we got sick of how freaking crowded it was and decided to go somewhere else to get our smoothies instead.

While we were walking back to her car though, it started raining down on us so we ran to her car in the most inelegant way possible (If the people that’d passed by us in cars were laughing at us, I wouldn’t have blamed them. We weren’t exactly the most graceful runners). Usually I wouldn’t care about getting caught in the rain… buuuutt our phones were with us and I wasn’t sure if I still had any mascara on from yesterday or not. IT WASN’T WATER PROOF OKAY.

Anyway, we continued on our journey for somewhere less crowded that sold good smoothies which took us to the riverside before fainting from the prices of the smoothies there and went back to the main shopping center around here instead; the place I was at this morning. You know, endlessly colour coordinating in the depot section. Yes! That one!

By the time we got there, I wasn’t thirsty anymore but she was so we went into the grocery store to get her a drink and OMG it’s like I instantly reverted back into high school mode. There was a guy that worked there who we went to high school with (I was really shy and quiet and probably came off as standoffish in high school so that’s what quite a few know me by) and pretty much what went through my head was this, “Don’t make eye contact. Don’t make eye contact. Don’t make eye contact. F***, I made eye contact. Quick, run into an aisle!” when all I really wanted to do was give him a quick smile if we did make eye contact! I’m trying to be a more welcoming person but I keep resorting back to my old ways! I’m not even sure why I overthink these things though. Honestly, he was probably just like, “Oh look, it’s Xisha … I hate my job.” I just make every situation uncomfortable!

Moving on though; for the rest of the day, we pretty much just walked around all the stores and made plans for things and now I’m going out on New Years Eve with her and another girl! Which is something I’ve been avoiding this whole year because they both love going out clubbing but I like… don’t. I don’t really think I’m the clubbing type but I’ve never actually been either because just the idea of it scares me. Like, what should I wear? How much should I drink? What should I drink!? What am I supposed to do there?! How am I supposed to act!?! What if my high heels aren’t for the occasion!? Am I even supposed to wear high heels?! Wait, are you supposed to dance in heels?! Omg, I need to practice. The list goes on.

But new start, new me. 🙌 If I put it off now, I’ll just put it off again later so hello New Years celebrations and hopefully a confidence streak that turns into life! I just hope they don’t lose me when we’re out… Well, it’s 1am now so… night guys. x

Day three: done! ✅

God, I always end up writing such long essays! 😬

P.S. Yes, my arms hurt from yesterday…


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