I’ll admit, I’m like a massive ninja wannabe. Like, how could you not be with all the stunts they pull off and weapons they seem to take out from the pockets that they don’t even have! I’m kidding, if you don’t aspire to be one then that’s fine… I just can’t be seen out with you anymore. 😝 My hobby, as the title really subtly hints at, has to do with that. It’s like one of those secret hobbies that you just keep to yourself because you know how weird unique it is; knife throwing. I don’t mean randomly throwing at anything but having a[n] -inanimate- target to aim at.

It just makes me feel more confident knowing that I can take better care of myself (not that I’d ever carry any kind of weapon around with me… except for heels and maybe a Nokia phone). I used to have a set of normal knives that I practiced with but, about two years ago, I hid them from my family so well that I haven’t been able to find them ever since. You know you’re good at hiding things when even you can’t find them. Haha, no. It just means you have a shit memory. 😩

So today I went out and bought another pack of cheap steak knives (I’m almost fully sane, don’t worry) and tried to find a few random things that’d been on my mind for some time. I wanted to look at the clothes too but I didn’t want to bump into certain people so I just got what I went for and left the clothes for another day.

But when I got home, I was locked outside because I didn’t have a key (lost it) and didn’t really think that bit through… I’ll collect my Nobel Prize later, thanks. My mind assumed that mum and dad would be home by the time I got back but boy was I wrong. Wrong by like, 3-4 hours. Since I had nothing to do, I decided to start practicing in the backyard because I still had the wooden target that I’d made some years ago.

At first, I was hopelessly missing. Seriously, my mind was aiming for the target but my arms were like, “Lol, nope!” But after what felt like half an hour, I was hitting the target most of the time. It’s just that the knives were flinging off the target because whenever I was throwing them, they’d spin and I didn’t know how to stop the spin so they’d hit the target board but fling right off because they were either hitting into the target with the handle part of the knives or, if the sharp bit of the knives hit the target, the knives would still have the spinning momentum after impact (maybe I just wasn’t throwing hard enough?), sending it straight off in the spin’s direction and onto the ground. Not sure if that made sense.

So I consulted Youtube (and read some online gossip). Yeah, I was holding and throwing all wrong. There was the whole thing with your index or middle finger gliding along the handle, the flick of the wrist, etc.

Plus, I eventually moved the target aside and used certain leaves on the ground to aim at instead because the impact of the knives on the board kept making loud bang noises and I didn’t want to annoy the neighbours. But it was kind of good anyway because they were smaller targets which meant more of a challenge.

I still can’t do no spin throws though because it’s hard getting used to! But I suppose that’s what practice is for. I just want to be a ninja already! Is that really too much to ask? 😭

There’s day two! I was going to wake up at like 3 tomorrow morning and climb onto the roof of some random buildings to watch the sunrise from (I don’t know why, just for the parkour side I guess) but, right now, the weather here’s so bad… so maybe another day. x

I’m sorry! I keep rambling so much and I feel the need to apologise for it! Sorry… 😖

P.S. Tomorrow, I’m so going to regret not stretching my arms out before throwing at the targets.


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