Awesome. Now I can tick that off my list of 101 ways to waste your life. 😒

For pretty much the whole of 2015, I’ve done nothing but browse the internet from the comfort of my house; my comfort zone. Technically, I’ve been enrolled in uni buuuuuut that didn’t really work out… Like, I’ve been to the beach, out with family, to buy food, out with “friends” and so on probably a handful of times each but, for the most part, I’ve just been scouring the internet and “living” through a screen or two… or three. It’s not that I’m lazy and don’t want to go out (okay, that’s a lie; I’m a little lazier than average) but more that I’m… really hesitant of bumping into certain people when I go out. I mean, it got so bad at one point that I didn’t leave the house for two months straight before I realised what a recluse I’d become.

But I know that thinking like this’ just stupid and I need to get my shit together. I want to. Plus, staying at home all day and just browsing the web is kind of really insanely boring after the first week. Especially when all you want to do is go out and chase your dreams. I want to be apart of society again and contribute to things because it feels good knowing that I’m helping somehow but I can’t do that when I just hide away at home.

So, in honor of the end of one year and the start of another (and because it’s a good superficial excuse)… NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!! 😁 I would’ve done this at the end of last year but I just wasn’t in a great place (head-wise) and wasn’t thinking straight. Anyway:

  • Get a job
  • Learn to fight/defend yourself
  • Explore some new places
  • Regain your confidence
  • Start socialising more and make new friends
  • Finish off the mini projects you started 😉
  • Update your wardrobe
  • Enjoy your life!!
  • Start doing parkour
  • Get yourself ready to move out
  • Become minimalistic (but don’t go overboard)

2015 was the year I completely spiraled down because of certain things that’d happened and I just couldn’t cope anymore but I’ve had this whole year to -attempt to- clean up the anxious mess that tornado-ed on in my head (yeah, my avoidance and procrastination’s pretty high; get on my level). Life goes on and moments become nothing more than memories so make them good ones for both yourself and the people around you.

Bring on 2016! 😜


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