Maybe I’ve watched too much Gossip Girl or Sex and the City but I turn into the biggest tourist whenever I get to visit the city (or any place really). I got to visit the city a few days ago and no matter how many times I go, my phone will always come out to take about 50+ pictures or videos of the most random things because I just find it all so exciting and new that I want to have something to remember it by other than my memory (although I’ll admit that I do go a little overboard sometimes). I see a tree with lights in it? I’ll take 10 pictures of it. Spot a bike? I’ll stand next to it and take a few “incognito” selfies. I’m telling you, I am the biggest tourist ever. My eyes wander over everything.

I’ve always been a sucker for the city, especially the way it looks in the evening! The sky gets darker, people get dressed up for dinner or clubs nearby, there’s more diversity in every single aspect -no doubt-, the most beautiful architecture lining the streets and pathways, the colours of the night lights begin to appear and light up the way. Plus, they place them so perfectly that it lights up in just the right places against just the right things. Ugh, it’s so mesmerising to just look at. It’s like one massive grown ups’ playground.

There are so many different places to visit in the city and everything’s literally just around the corner or a 5-10 minute walk/drive away. Bookstores, sky scrapers with million dollar views, every type of museum that exists, restaurants, fashion stores, parks, home department stores, leisure centres, clubs, spas, arcades, libraries, shopping centres and so on; all right there. We don’t even have some of these in the small town where I live. I mean, the closest arcade is like 3 towns away, we have the tiniest shopping centre unless you drive 40 minutes down the coast, there’s only two main parts of town at night and I don’t even think we have a museum? I mean, I love that we have an endless supply of beaches, hidden nature spots and the attitude of a small town is generally more laid back but I just dream of so much more!

And there’s the added fact that you’re less likely to bump into people you know but don’t talk to when you’re in the city. I swear, this happens every single time I go out here. I want to go to places where this doesn’t happen on a daily basis. I want to feel the anonymity of no one knowing who I am so I’m free to be who ever I want, act however I want; no strings attached. It just makes me feel a lot more confident when no one knows me.

This is all probably just my small town syndrome talking but I’m SO in love with big cities. I’m just so in awe of it all. After all, we all want what we don’t have, right?


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